"Our Mission is to increase the profits of our customers."

wellhead compressor wellhead compressors

Profits from oil and gas wells can be increased using compression to provide reduction of backpressure in wellbores, increased pressures into sales lines, and recovery of valuable hydrocarbon vapors from stock tanks. Call us to discuss your requirements for wellhead compressors and vapor recovery units.

We fabricate wellhead compressors using either reciprocating, screw or rotary vane compressors and powered by either electric or natural gas engines in the 5 to 125 horsepower range. Manufacturers of compressors and gas engines include: Quincy, Arial, Gemini, Joy, Gardner Denver, Boss, Sullair, LeRoi, Allis Chalmers, Fuller, Utah, Cummins, Waukesha, Arrow, Ford and GM.

We also design and fabricate vapor recovery units to your requirements. We may already have a unit in our rental fleet that could be used for testing your well. Trailer mounting is available.

For additional sizes see the Flow Rates and determine your needs.Tell us about your well(s) - we can build wellhead compressors to fit other conditions than what have been shown on the flow sheets. To Request a Quote print the Data Sheet, fill it out, and fax as instructed.

wellhead compressor wellhead compressors

Wellhead compressors are used to reduce the back pressure against producing formations and to overcome pressures into the sales line. Often changes in these pressure will dramatically increase oil and gas production from low volume wells. Calculate the benefits!

We recommend that you test your wells to see how they respond to wellhead compression. Call us to formulate a testing program. Since we offer month to month rentals the wellhead compressor can be returned when it is no longer beneficial to keep it.

Call for rental rates and selling prices.

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